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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Midweek Long Run

The heavens really opened up during my 3rd lap. Since I took my chances in the first two by foregoing the jacket and cap, I had to beat a hasty retreat to the car to put on some protection. By that time however, I was already soaked through.

After hitting the loop again, this time properly attired, Rohaizad joined me and the rain came and went in waves. Torrential downpour interspersed with heavy drizzle pelting down as we sploshed our way along. It didn't feel tiring at all. After waiting frustratingly long for the rain to stop, 2 American ladies decided that they've had enough and proceeded to walk in the rain - sheepishly at first but after awhile, they were ambling along nicely.

As usual we attracted the stares of the "shade seekers". A few more laps later, Newton joined in and then Justin (Nurotevil has left for Kangar and finally left him in peace. Read about it here). I finished the workout feeling really refreshed and glad to have logged 14.3K at 6:20 pace. Not bad for a very wet Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Welcome Home!

Wooo hooo! I've got back my sweet Timex! The Isetan watchshop called and informed me that it was ready for collection at 3pm. But at 2:45pm I was called to a meeting which thankfully was short. Then as I was prepared to hop over to KLCC at 3:15pm, the heavens opened up! TNS! Don't delay me from seeing my loved one!

With an eye on the PC monitor and the other monitoring the downpour outside (yup, it's an acquired skill and looks "cacat"), I bit my tongue waiting for the slightest sign that it was abating. Finally at 4:10pm, the rain trickled to a drizzle and I clocked in my run from my office to KLCC. After paying RM65 for the service and replacement, it was handed back to me and I looked at it longingly in my hands and then immediately slap it back on my wrist - where it belongs!

It looks spanking new now as not only is the strap replaced, but because the strap is fused to the body, the entire face-plate was replaced as well! The whole thing is now literally scuff and scratch free! Just when I'm looking forward to leaving sharp 6pm for my 2nd run of the day, my boss postponed our meeting from 5pm to 5:45pm! Dammit! What a freakin' damper!

Keep off The Grass?

Yesterday's weather was simply fantastic, a little wet and cool. After picking up some photos I sent for developing, I quickly hastened to the park for my recovery run. By the time I laced up, it was already 6:24pm.

My Timex is still at the distributors for strap replacement so running with my HRM pretty much limited my pace monitoring. A few hundred meters from the start, I ran into 2 young women sitting and stretching on the synthetic track, just where it curves! How dumb can they be. I told them to move to the side as some faster runners will run smack into them.

After the first easy 8:14 lap, I picked it up gently over the next 3 laps. Wherever I could, I'd run on the stretches of grass to lessen the impact to the joints. I no longer saw the 2 women. It was at the downhill fronting the Exxon building that I was flagged down by a park guard. He told me to step off the grass and to keep to the track.

Now, I'm very aware of the "Keep of the Lawn" ruling - provided there are signs. However there were none at the park (at least on the stretches where I was running) and the condition of the grass could hardly be classified as lawn. Not only that, I saw a few who were also running on the grass. If you want to nitpick, what about those who sit, smoke, walk, eat on the grass? I pointed this out to the guard but I think he didn't get me. I continued on and on my final lap, I saw Steven (Penguin 5) who had concluded his workout and in the last 300 meters, I came across Newton running slowly.

This morning I dug around the park's official site for an email address for me to send in my complaint and to seek clarification but typical of most local sites, there were no avenues to send feedback in. Even if there are, there are no guarantees that the mailbox is attended to. If anyone knows of this ruling or have information on how to send an email to the park officials, please post a comment. This was not the first time that I run on the grass and I will continue to do so, unless it's stated in the park regulations.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Nilai Half-Marathon Race Report by Lim Fang Hau, Jason @ PM23

Started the journey in PM25’s car at 4.30 am to Bukit Aman to pick up PM1. From there, we headed to Nilai. Arrived at Nilai Toll Plaza at 5.20 am. We decided to wait for the rest of the gang to arrive and especially Ryan Teoh, the PM, who helped us to register and collect our bibs. We arrived at the starting point at 6.30 am. Did some warm up before the race and the race started at 6.50 am.

This was my first race after the KLIM 2005 and it was also my first half marathon after the Singapore race (half marathon). I decided to go all out in this race. For the first 7km, I used normal pace for the race. I arrived at the first water station after 38 minutes. Everything seemed to be fine to me and the hills did not pose any problem to me at all. The journey continued until the next water station at approximately 10km mark. My timing split was 57 minutes. My condition was still fine and the undulating hills did not give me problem at all. My journey continued until the next water station at approximately 14km. My timing split was 1 hr 21 min. My condition was still fine. After the last water station, I decided to increase my pace. I felt a little dehydrated after running for 90 minutes at a faster pace. I decided to drink 100 Plus (my own isotonic drink supply) to quench my dehydration. Towards the finishing and drank some 100 Plus as I could not bear with lack of water station providing isotonic drink. With 100 metres to go, I decided to sprint all out towards the finishing line. I finished the race in 1 hr 50 min 55.89sec with a certificate and a medal. At the finishing line, I unintentionally crashed into another runner due to sprinting too fast towards the finishing line and my brake control problem!

After completing the race, I felt that the distance was about 2km shorter than the actual distance of 21km. Some experienced runners also agreed with me. Based on the run, I noted the following from my observation.

1. There were no distance markers along the race.
2. Insufficient water station. The organiser should provide sufficient water station like the PJ Half Marathon.
3. Most of the route passed through the industrial area and the air was polluted.
4. The actual distance is shorter by approximately 2km from the real distance of 21km.
5. There were many undulating hills (more than the normal Pacesetters training route of Sri Hartamas way). This did not pose any problems to me at all.
6. My pacing per km has improved based on my Singapore timing of 2 hr 16 min based on the actual distance of 21.5 km, I took an average time of 6 min19 sec for every km I covered. My average timing per km for this race based on the actual distance of 19km is 5 min 50.31sec.
7. I find this race to be an easy race for me after I had completed my full marathon in KLIM 2005. In the past 3 half marathon, I used to struggled to complete it and I had a record of DNF in my first half marathon last year in Ipoh.

Finally, thanks to Ryan Teoh for his tireless effort for helping us to register and collecting our bibs.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nilai-3 Half Marathon

- Prelude
- Race Report

10:30pm now. Tired. Going to bed!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Recurring Dream

I dreamt that I won first place in a small town half marathon. This is pretty wierd considering I've never been close to winning anything in running for a long long time.

Not only that, in the process of clinching victory, I trampled all over the genetic favourites - the Indians! How did that happen? To add to the surrealism, I could almost feel the slow pace in which I was running in my dreams.

This is not the first time I dreamt about running but the prevailing feeling each time I have such dreams is that in the dreams my legs always feel lead-heavy when my body and spirit are just raring to go. The result? A feeling of frustration.

Anyone who can decipher dreams out there?

Laughter In The Rain

The popular Neil Sedaka tune was indeed true for me as despite the heavy downpour, I managed to put in a 10K (OK, short of a few yards) together with Nurotevil, Justin's crazy friend. And no, unlike the song, I didn't run hand in hand with the madman.

While suiting up in my jacket (minus the sleeves), I heard thunder rumbling and some brief flashes of lightning. Decided to wait awhile before hopping outside. Thankfully the lightning ceased.

To my surprise, nearing the completion of my first lap, I saw Newton, in just his running attire sans jacket/cap, coming onto the track. Some moments later he took off faster in his attempt to PR. The weather was just cool and fine, with the rain reducing to a drizzle. The haze had cleared to an extent that visibility was excellent to about 2K.

Then Nurotevil joined me on my 3rd lap. Justin had warned me about this fellow. True enough, grinning from ear to ear, and already taking over the mileage work from Justin, we ran side by side. A few more laps and we spotted Newton who had already stopped - his injured hip must be acting up again. He was chatting with another caucasian regular.

This Nurotevil must be a looker as we attracted the coy gaze of 3 girls - twice - when we passed them. A quarter into my last lap, my wife called which meant I had to finish my run. The madman continued on his own. Incidentally he informed me that 150K a week mileage diet works just fine for him.

It was a nice comfortable run for me and I'm sure the KLCC regulars will be seeing more of Nurotevil from now on!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just Imagine

From my workplace cubicle, a short stroll of 10 metres will take me to the nearest window. And what I see now is really not a nice sight. A thick haze has enveloped the atmosphere.

Allow me to describe the view, what's left to be seen of it. Imagine (just like what Barney would tell the kids) that instead of a city, you're at the English countryside. Instead of year 2005, imagine yourself at the bog setting of The Hound of Baskervilles. Imagine then the smog, haze, mist, fog or what you may call it reducing the already depressing sight down to about a mile's visibility. That's the view I get from the window of my office at Level 15.

I'm already surrounded by 3 unwell colleagues seated at an arm's from me and I'm not sure if it will be my turn to visit the doctor if I run today, breathing in more unhealthy air. Well, no point running the risk. Another day off today and I shall emulate PM19 in dreaming about running. Except that I'll be thinking that I'm running in the wide expanse of an alpine meadow.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Broken Strap

I don't know about you but I wear my watch everywhere. It never leaves my wrist. While showering, doing the big business, in the pool, out shopping, at the office, sleeping, anything and everything!

I've found it to be such an indispensible tool that I find use in everything I do. Even when sleeping, and my son wakes up whining and I need to know what time it is, a flick on the wrist is all it takes - beats groping around for the bedside clock (which I don't have anyway!).

Even though my watch has 2 interval timers which I don't use anymore (used them twice to complete 2 marathons on run/walk basis), there are 3 alarms set-able by days, weekdays and weekends. Therefore I can have 3 concurrent alarm settings to cater to my morning training.

The countdown timer has proven handy over the many treasure hunts that I've been on. The most utilized function is the 50-lap memory and training log. From its records, I transcribe the content over to my physical training log which I use to monitor my progress as well as to track my shoe mileage. I never had to experience sweaty wrist due to the webbed strap.

It's been only 1.5 years since I bought it and now the PU strap's bought it! The watch section in Isetan KLCC informed me that it'll cost between RM60 to RM70 for a replacement strap. The watch has to be sent back to the local distributor as the strap is constructed to "fuse" with the watch body. Looks like I'll be missing my faithful watch for 2 weeks! For now, I'm making do with the Heart Rate Monitor as a time piece.

My faithful watch. I'll be missing you!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday Long Run

The skies thundered last night/this morning. I was wokened up by the rattling of the ceiling boards by the wind. Deep inside, I was praying for the downpour to continue so that I have an excuse to skip this morning's run. Most PACM members are in Kuantan for the Nature Run (10K).

Such was the post-marathon feeling - the urge and drive to wake up early on Sunday mornings (4:25am for me) has gone. It will need to be built up gradually again. Kenny, Tey and I had the pleasant company of Jerry Tang and his daughter, Jessica for today's workout. Apparently they got whiff of our start time from Ronnie's website. Looks like more and more people are aware of the site!

The run was pretty routine though there were surges every now and then. It was then that I realised that I've not fully regained my stamina just yet. I might also have started too fast - we reached Petronas in 1:04 when my usual would be 1:06. Jessica is a great runner and she kept up with us guys very well with her light strides. With training she will do very well - KLIM was her first half.

A point to note for the runners is to exercise caution when running the dangerous Jalan Duta stretch. The usual crossing at the IRB section has been barricaded forcing runners to run further down towards the traffic lights. Be sure to wear light coloured clothing to maximise visibility. Also, try to clear this area fast - run fast and get this stretch over with.

I reached home, showered, played with Carbo Kid and then knocked out on the floor for 40 minutes.

Tomorrow's temperature is going to be a killer with the sun directly over the Equator. Folks have been adviced to stay indoors but will that stop us runners? What do you think?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The KLCC Sauna

When it's hot here, it's really hot. As Ajeep mentioned, this place can be a sauna. The primary reason is the number of tall buildings surrounding this park. There's only a spot of wide open space which is the section fronting the open-air car park. The heated air couldn't escape as efficiently. The other stretches of land are all filled. After the mosque, it's the KLCC and Twin Towers. Directly next to the structure is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (located very close to the park), then the elongated KL Convention Centre (do we need another white elephant or this is just another excuse for someone to get rich?). This convention centre blocks the entire 300 metre length of the track. After which you'll come to the Exxon-Mobil building, then the 2 blocks of super-luxury condominiums currently under construction.

But wait! the tour is not over yet. There are 4 independent bungalows to contend with before coming back to the open-air car park. There's more. Just beyond the car park another couple of super-luxury condos are under construction too.

These structures are blocking the flow of cool air into the park. There's only 1 section unobstructed. I'm not against training in the heat. In fact, it can be a beneficial advantage come race day besides getting the macho tan in. But in order to PR at KLCC, one will now have to also take into consideration the weather that day. The trees at the park will one day mature and hopefully, they will provide the people with some welcome shade.

Whatever each plot of greenery that we create, the greedy will quickly make it up with more concrete.

Beaten by Hundreths of a Second!

The plan was to log in a mid-week long run - a very successful add-on to the usual Sunday ones. However, the twist. I was to do 8:00 (6:09 pace) laps, at least the first few laps until I was warmed up. I wasn't far off from the initial pace the first 3 laps and the weather was fine with a bit of cloud cover.

Unfortunately, the sun turned up its power from the 4th lap and it was blazing hot, really hot. Dry and hot. I had to consciously maintain my focus on the breathing just to keep my pace going and heart rate even. Even so, a glance at the watch showed that a 10-lap PR is possible, if I keep reducing the pace consistently.

The heat sapped up my energy like a sponge and in my haste to wrap up the run, I surged too fast too soon at the 6th lap. I should have waited until the 7th and I wilted under the heat. I tried as I may but I could force the pace under 7:22 (you can see that I hit 7:22 on 3 laps - the first time I managed the same lap times for three times ever!).

It became a really close call as I gritted my way through the final lap and looked at my watch. You can see the results for yourself.

The Lap times:
8:09 > 8:04 > 8:02 > 7:55 > 7:47 > 7:22 > 7:17 > 7:22 > 7:22 > 7:05
Total: 1:16:27 - Mar 16th 2005
Average: 7:38 equivalent to 5:53 pace

Still standing PR - 1:16:08 - Nov 3rd 2004

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Re-acquainting with The Well

Nope, this is not another Japanese/Korean/Thai horror movie but a beautifully produced CD by Jennifer Warnes. You may remember her as the singer who dueted with Joe Cocker in "Up Where We Belong" (Theme Song for "An Officer and A Gentleman) and also "(I've Had) the Time of My Life" (Theme Song from "Dirty Dancing") with Bill Medley. She has a handful of albums to her credit among which The Hunter (1992) and The Well (2001) are in my collection, my favourite of which is the latter. She's hardly a prolific producer, her albums only appear once every 5 to 6 years or so.

I first heard The Well during my brief forays into the world of hi-fi. The CD is pretty expensive, retailing at RM64. What caught me was the sparse but top notch arrangements and her heart felt singing. All the songs in the album were unlike the commercialized pop that you've heard her sing before. Most are about loss and hope, love and devotion.

Since disconnecting my hi-fi many months ago to prevent the destroying hands of my toddler, I've been much deprived of some soul soothing music. My listening times are limited to the time spent in the car - that hardly can be called as a listening experience but I've just got to make do! The Well itself has missed getting into my play list for some time and it was with some pleasure that I rediscovered it this morning on the way to work. The traffic was fine which enabled me to enjoy it slightly more than usual. My hair stood on end when the strumming guitar came on on the title track before the running bass joins in - and we're talking about the inferior car stereo here. The guitar, bass, snapping drums and Warnes's vocals are used to evaluate the characteristics of hi-fi components. While the tracks play, reviewers run through a mental checklist - Do the hi-hats sound too bright? Is the music involving? Lacking in excitement or too mellow? But that's another topic for another day.

What I'm saying is that if you've never sampled Warnes's music before, I strongly recommend The Well. Chuck aside your Britneys and other pop-wannabes. Treat your ears and soul to some real music.

Official site: http://www.jenniferwarnes.com/

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lactate Threshold Workout

Yesterday's workout was nice. Cool weather, running company in the form of John, Justin and Rohaizad, and a controlled intensity - could have gone faster but didn't.

As a result, I didn't feel wiped out. Thanks to Justin for the pacing.

7:53, 7:37, 7:42, 7:44, 7:25, 7:10, 6:54; 6:41 = 59:08

Monday, March 14, 2005

On Marathon Achievements

Running sub-5 is already syiok. Sub 4:30 lagi syiok. Sub 4:15 lagi more syiok. Sub-4 Orgasmic!

- Dr Jamie Pang

I Run, Therefore I Am Nuts by Bob Schwartz

I was surprised that Kinokuniya @ KLCC stock this book. In fact, I've been tempted more than once to get it off Amazon. It's a tongue in cheek look at the quirkiness of runners which I can easily identify. The short articles are a pleasure to read, very funny and poke fun at ourselves.

In the "Runner's Better Half", Schwartz summarizes the wedding vows of the runner should be read as "To love, honor, and cherish for faster or slower, for sweaty or clean, in lactic-acid buildup and perpetual carbo-loading".

Or his laugh out loud "Kenyan Water Aerobics" where "the uncoordinated venture into cross training machinery for the mechanically challenged".

When the introduction talks about how runners are the only ones to try eating corn flakes with Gatorade, wearing the latest weather proof clothing in the shower to test it out (I did that to my ClimaFIT cap and jacket!!!), or going ga-ga over the latest running magazines with the latest shoe reviews, measuring the resting heart rate eevry morning, giving bite-size energy bars for Halloween, you know you're in for a good ride!

Indeed only runners understand runners. So I don't only fully recommend this book to my fellow road hogs but (perhaps more importantly!) also to our spouses, family members, friends, colleagues, lovers and whoever who can't seem to understand our passion and craze for this "absurd past time".

Friday, March 11, 2005


2 nights ago, I found that one of my toenails was slightly long. After snipping off the part of the nail, some clear coloured fluid seeped out from under the nail! I'd felt no pain on that toe, so it was surprising to me that there would be any problem at all. I quickly grabbed the tissue and proceeded to squeeze all the "juice" out - very important to prevent infection.

I'm feeling a bit of dull pain on the nail/toe if pressed. Will lace my shoes a bit looser afterwards for my comeback run.

Running & Happiness

"Running provides happiness which is different from pleasure. Happiness has to do with struggling and enduring and accomplishing" - George Sheehan

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

3 Days After KLIM

I haven't run a single yard since Sunday. My legs have recovered sufficiently for me to resume some light workout. So I'll probably do a 3-4 lapper at KLCC this evening. After all, I need to be there to collect the NB PACM 15K race forms from Rohaizad and Julian.

I finally examined the outsole wear of my NB753 and I'm disappointed to see that the wear has started to eat into the midsole foam in the outer heel areas. This is for both the left and right shoe.

New Balance had better re-look into the durability of their newer cushioned models (no issues on the stability ones) as the 753 and the 1023 were marketed as mid to high mileage runners. It could either be the new compound the use for Ndurance (NB's carbon rubber) or the way the heel area is constructed. My log shows that I've only clocked 160+Ks on my 753s whereas the 1023 lasted longer at 620+K.

If this persists, I may have to look at the Pegasus (RM60 more expensive after discount) or the very durable but much more expensive Wave Rider 8 (RM100 more after discount). These options may be more cost effective in the longer run, literally.

Monday, March 07, 2005

KL Marathon Race Report Is Out

Check out Jason and my reports at Jamie's Loft!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

New PR!

Singapore 2003 - 5:37
Ipoh 2004 - 5:14
Singapore 2004 - 5:15
Kuala Lumpur 2005 - 4:41!

Report as soon as I regain sensation of my legs!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday Lunch & Pre-Race Thoughts

It's always fun to meet up a day before the race. However this morning's meeting didn't start on time, I being one of the culprits. My wife and I had to go over some plans with our building contractor and had to pick up our son from the nanny before zooming to the meeting point - Dave's Deli at the Mid Valley Mall. I reached the place 1 hour late after spending 10 minutes searching for a car park.

By that time, Sukaimi and his friend David (both took a train up from Singapore), Tey, Justin, Rohaizad, Sim and Kwok Foo (who came back from Switzerland) were already there but standing at the entrance (!) instead of waiting inside! What gives folks?

Minutes later, after some intros and handshakes, we were all talking like long lost friends. Indeed, we would not have known each other if not for the Internet. Kwok Foo got some registration forms for Berlin and Stockholm Marathons for the gang. Newton arrived later. Everyone looked relaxed.

Carbo Kid then got a little cranky - he didn't get his late morning nap - so we had to leave sooner. Just about the same moment, KetamBatu (Rockcrab) and Bernice dropped in with their friends. It was too bad we had to leave but I was glad already to have had the chance to meet up.

Despite some misgivings of the race organizers, I think everyone has positive thoughts for running a good race tomorrow. Me included. I'd like to thank the encouragement given to me from everyone, including one from Mitch of the US.

Here's a picture of the gang (click on it to enlarge).

The signboard behind could've have also said "Good Food, Great Flavour, Fantastic Company". From left: Kwok Foo, Sukaimi (carrying his friend's kid), David (with cap), CarboMan, Rohaizad (seated), Sim (behind Rohaizad), Justin and Tey (in yellow).

Friday, March 04, 2005

2nd Impression of KLIM

For first time marathoners, please don't be disheartened by what the race officials wrote in Section 10 - "Advice to runners by the traffic police", column labelled as "Location" and "What Can Be Done"

In it, it mentions that you should have arrived at point xxx and if you don't, you should make a decision to hop onto the official vehicle (and therefore DNF - are these guys crazy?? Can't run a 60min 10K split doesn't mean you can finish a marathon!). These idiots are encouraging people to drop out! I suspect this discouragement veiled as an "encouragement" for people to quit is so to make their jobs easier - don't have to wait long to mop up the stragglers and walkers, and therefore makes it earlier for them to go home! A stark contrast to a runner friendly marathon South of Malaysia.

Luckily those I know who will be doing their 1st full are much stronger folks than how the FTAAA had painted them to be.

To show the amateurish manner in which the race program was designed, observe the following use of words and phrases:

1) Point 22 "Medical Aid"
- "Ambulances fully equipped will stroll..." Yup, in Malaysia, ambulances have legs.
- "A huge medical post with all...." Yup, we're curious as to the size of the medical post.
- "Rub-downs and crams (sic) which is part of hands-on medical examination..." OK, being rubbed down is part of a medical exam. Tell your doctor that the next time you visit him. I'm already looking forward to visit my lady doctor! The sentence is not even correct.

2) Point 20 "Drinking/Sponging Stations"
- "Chilled water is placed on white table cloth, isotonic drink on red table cloth..." OK, in our exhaustion, we now have to remember the colour of the table cloths. Do they even have to be that petty to indicate the colour of the table cloths? What are they taking us for, Martha Stewarts? What happened to just running to the table, guzzle a cup down and if that's not an isotonic drink, just proceed to the next table? Why complicate matters and overlook the more essential to-dos?

The program ends with a message from the Race Director that says "On behalf of the organising committee I wish you best of luck". With the amount of confusion and ridiculous set up that the race officials (all mired in bureaucratic fecal matter, no doubt) are engaging in, we runners WILL need all the luck we can get!

Good luck to you!

2 Days To Go!

Nearly every local running blog out there are radiating excitement for this Sunday's marathon. So many of my friends will be running this Sunday and I'm especially proud of the 1st timers (drumroll please!):

42K (first timers)
Sim aka Petaling Runner
- Martin aka LoneRunner
- Jason aka Der_Morning Man
Haris aka Der North Man

- CS Wong (his first after umpteen years)
- Kenneth aka Der KNN runner
- Ajeep
aka Der Turtle Man

I know of a few who will be quietly going for their PRs - Newton, Cheong, CM...

I wish all the above and all of you out there an enjoyable race. Give it your all, run safe and most importantly ENJOY YOURSELVES! Cheer the supporters who'll be at Wisma Genting, TAR Road and the finish line - they will provide the much needed boost.

And yes, I shall remember the scene from
The Rock below.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

First Impressions of KLIM

- Better location. Even though parking is expensive and it's a jam prone area, Concorde is a better spot than the rat hole of an FTAAA building

- Free sampling of Powerbar Endurance and Recovery drink. I must've taken 5 cups!

- Free Powerbar Protein Plus for the marathoners

- Pretty sad collection area atmosphere. The 2 Celcom staff were very bored (hands on heads). There's no music, no other exhibitors besides the small ones occupied by Coleman, Nike and Powerbar

- The collection queue was so very disorganized! In fact, there wasn't any queue. So the crowd didn't know when to line up. Even the helpers were running to and fro the chip. The helpers weren't too knowledgable themselves. One claimed that I should hand them RM20 when she was already holding 4 RM5 notes. I said nothing but pointed to the notes. She checked and then sighed at her own mistakes. I suspect these helpers are from AmBank.

- The chip encoding was a mess up. After needlessly paying RM20 as deposit, instead of pre-encoding the chips, the chipsters waited until the bib collection is made. As a result, the following happened: 1) I received 2 chips, so I don't know which one has my data. As a result I'm going to wear both and return both thus ensuring I return with a profit from this race, 2) Another runner noticed that his chip letter belonged to another person. So he has to go to the hotel again to verify that the chip is encoded in his name and not the name on the letter!

- Bib collection was a farce. I heard at least 8 bibs were unaccounted for. Those who were there to collect on behalf of their friends were stumped. Where the hell were the missing bibs? Worse, some of them had been acknowledged, so how to track back??

Evidently, the operations people (Chip, FTAAA, AmBank) didn't talk or meet much prior to today. Much of the fiascos could've been easily prevented.

For those who have yet to collect their bibs, be sure to check:
1) There's a chip
2) There's a bib (only 1 for the front)
3) The name in the chip letter is yours
4) There are pins to pin your bib
5) That you've taken your complimentary Protein Bar

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

4 Days to KLIM!

Are the butterflies stirring yet? How's the hydration plan coming along? Tomorrow's the start of the loading period. How's the weight? I noticed that I've in fact dropped 3kgs - how come? When I was logging my highest mileage, I was at 60kgs. It could be the protein supplementation.

Gotta get enough rest and sleep these few days. OK, the can of Excel isotonic beckons!