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Monday, February 28, 2005

Between The Rock and 12 More Ks

The marathon saps both body and mind. We had pretty cheerleaders to hi-five us in the Singapore Marathon but this time around we will have to rely more on our training and willpower to nudge us past the last 10-12Ks.

In those tough final miles of this Sunday's race, I will remember the dialogue between Sean Connery's character James Mason in "The Rock" and Stanley Goodspeed played by Nicholas Cage.

When James Mason handed Stanley Goodspeed a handgun before an impending firefight with the baddies, Mason warned Goodspeed not to "fuck up". To which Goodspeed replied:

SG: "I'll try my best."
JM: "Whiners and Losers say that they'll do their best. Winners get to go home and fuck the Prom Queen."
SG retorted: "Carla (Stanley's fiancee) was the Prom Queen"
JM: "Really?" (astounded look on his face)

I always find this scene funny. The chemistry between these 2 leads are always a joy to watch. Hopefully the final part of the race will also be an enjoyable experience for me.


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