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Friday, January 26, 2007

asics Gel Forster Tri

I've posted my initial wear test of the Forster Tri. To read it, click the Shoe Reviews button on the right frame.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trying To Fit It All Together

It's been awhile since I last post anything related to running. Well, here's one! But before that, a bit more about all things domestic. Things are beginning to settle down at home. Carbowoman is enjoying her 2 months maternity (I hear you say wah! But let me tell you that Singaporean mothers enjoy 3 months while Moms in the UK, I leave it to your imagination). C2 is also doing what he does best at this juncture - downing loads of milk (both Mom's and canned), pooping and peeing and sleeping. C1 is coping well and is attending pre-school. He even wants to go to school on Sundays.
Back to the matter. I'm not like certain people who train at Lake Gardens and yet say that they're not training. OK actually just 1 fella. So when I say I'm not running, I mean it. What's there to hide or be ashamed about? But I very recently just got back to doing some light workouts. Just short little runs of medium effort at most. I want to see whether I can sustain a certain number of workouts a week before paying any attention to mileage.
My next posting should be pretty interesting! I have 22 weeks.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Carbokid 2 Is A Week Old Today

Thought I'd exercise some creativity and put up this video containing some movie clips and stills. There are some background music so if you have the speakers on, it makes a better viewing.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Great Saturday

After slogging through Friday - it was really tough easing back into the stressful environment - this morning was the total opposite. The Star sportswriter was going to do a feature on the Beginners Program that I was co-running and both my partner and I had sent out SMSes to our participants reminding them to turn up. And what a turn up it turned out to be! There were close to 20 of us including newcomers to the session and when I entered the car park, adidas were already busy setting up their booth and the Footscan counter.

And with Choi's running group there as well, the area was a filled with action. I also managed to catch up with Jessica, Kenneth, DK, Tey and Anne. There are a couple of runners in the Beginner's group who have potential to go further and that's very heartening. There's also a good spread of younger and older runners from various races and sex, though the females outnumber the males by far. Which is an excellent sign. In this country we need more women to enter the sport.

I shall be ferrying Carbokid 1 to the art class later on and will be doing some marketing with my Mom. Some household chores and should then complete my productive day. We've registered Carbokid 2's name with the national registration office - it's Pang Wei Xian. Both C1 and 2 (collectively known as The Complex Carbs) are doing fine. We do notice that C1 seems to want a little bit more attention and has been a tad more mischievious in order to get it, so we're making sure he's still getting our focus and knows that he's loved. It's all a learning experience for us and where previously the solo kid was getting our attention, now we have to juggle with 2. Likewise C1 will also need to adapt to the new member of the family and hopefully we'll all do OK.

The Complex Carbs

Monday, January 08, 2007

Carbokid 2 Makes His Debut

...at 5:52am Jan 7th 2007. In the red corner of Manchester, weighing 3.5Kg and 15cm tall, heeeeerre's Carbokid 2!

More photos at the Photo Album - more will be added over the next few days.

Warning from the Surgeon General: Viewing too many baby photos may wake up the paternal/maternal instincts in you!