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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday Lunch & Pre-Race Thoughts

It's always fun to meet up a day before the race. However this morning's meeting didn't start on time, I being one of the culprits. My wife and I had to go over some plans with our building contractor and had to pick up our son from the nanny before zooming to the meeting point - Dave's Deli at the Mid Valley Mall. I reached the place 1 hour late after spending 10 minutes searching for a car park.

By that time, Sukaimi and his friend David (both took a train up from Singapore), Tey, Justin, Rohaizad, Sim and Kwok Foo (who came back from Switzerland) were already there but standing at the entrance (!) instead of waiting inside! What gives folks?

Minutes later, after some intros and handshakes, we were all talking like long lost friends. Indeed, we would not have known each other if not for the Internet. Kwok Foo got some registration forms for Berlin and Stockholm Marathons for the gang. Newton arrived later. Everyone looked relaxed.

Carbo Kid then got a little cranky - he didn't get his late morning nap - so we had to leave sooner. Just about the same moment, KetamBatu (Rockcrab) and Bernice dropped in with their friends. It was too bad we had to leave but I was glad already to have had the chance to meet up.

Despite some misgivings of the race organizers, I think everyone has positive thoughts for running a good race tomorrow. Me included. I'd like to thank the encouragement given to me from everyone, including one from Mitch of the US.

Here's a picture of the gang (click on it to enlarge).

The signboard behind could've have also said "Good Food, Great Flavour, Fantastic Company". From left: Kwok Foo, Sukaimi (carrying his friend's kid), David (with cap), CarboMan, Rohaizad (seated), Sim (behind Rohaizad), Justin and Tey (in yellow).


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