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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The KLCC Sauna

When it's hot here, it's really hot. As Ajeep mentioned, this place can be a sauna. The primary reason is the number of tall buildings surrounding this park. There's only a spot of wide open space which is the section fronting the open-air car park. The heated air couldn't escape as efficiently. The other stretches of land are all filled. After the mosque, it's the KLCC and Twin Towers. Directly next to the structure is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (located very close to the park), then the elongated KL Convention Centre (do we need another white elephant or this is just another excuse for someone to get rich?). This convention centre blocks the entire 300 metre length of the track. After which you'll come to the Exxon-Mobil building, then the 2 blocks of super-luxury condominiums currently under construction.

But wait! the tour is not over yet. There are 4 independent bungalows to contend with before coming back to the open-air car park. There's more. Just beyond the car park another couple of super-luxury condos are under construction too.

These structures are blocking the flow of cool air into the park. There's only 1 section unobstructed. I'm not against training in the heat. In fact, it can be a beneficial advantage come race day besides getting the macho tan in. But in order to PR at KLCC, one will now have to also take into consideration the weather that day. The trees at the park will one day mature and hopefully, they will provide the people with some welcome shade.

Whatever each plot of greenery that we create, the greedy will quickly make it up with more concrete.


  • i think, somebody wants to get rich faster. or maybe, somebody wants to impress the visitors by erecting super structures, you think?

    this is what happens when morons running the country. i'm not saying i can run this country better, but this thermal island effect, is taught in high school biology. BIOLOGY 101.

    By Anonymous ajeep, at 9:38 AM  

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