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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Welcome Home!

Wooo hooo! I've got back my sweet Timex! The Isetan watchshop called and informed me that it was ready for collection at 3pm. But at 2:45pm I was called to a meeting which thankfully was short. Then as I was prepared to hop over to KLCC at 3:15pm, the heavens opened up! TNS! Don't delay me from seeing my loved one!

With an eye on the PC monitor and the other monitoring the downpour outside (yup, it's an acquired skill and looks "cacat"), I bit my tongue waiting for the slightest sign that it was abating. Finally at 4:10pm, the rain trickled to a drizzle and I clocked in my run from my office to KLCC. After paying RM65 for the service and replacement, it was handed back to me and I looked at it longingly in my hands and then immediately slap it back on my wrist - where it belongs!

It looks spanking new now as not only is the strap replaced, but because the strap is fused to the body, the entire face-plate was replaced as well! The whole thing is now literally scuff and scratch free! Just when I'm looking forward to leaving sharp 6pm for my 2nd run of the day, my boss postponed our meeting from 5pm to 5:45pm! Dammit! What a freakin' damper!


  • Did you manage to get your hands on Geb's book yet ? My sis passed it to me recently.

    By Anonymous Gavin Bong, at 5:51 PM  

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