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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nailed It!

It was way back in Jan '05 that I clocked 56:41 for the KLCC 8 lapper. It's always been challenging for me to run consistently fast on this difficult course. My road 10K timing is better that the one done on this undulating course. But yesterday's weather, freshness in the legs, a leisurely day brought about from being on leave (had to take the missus to the hospital for a checkup) got me perky and ready to put in a fast run.

Justin and I started at a leisurely pace enjoying the cool and breezy weather. The rain had just stopped and the conditions were just wonderful. On our 2nd lap we saw Kenneth about 200 metres in front and perhaps in our eagerness to catch up with him we brought our times down to 7:09. I was still perky and I told Justin that I'd like to keep the pace up even if I may not be able to hold it for 8 laps. Heck it felt so good to run fast that I couldn't give a damn about how many laps I could do at that pace. Justin had had a punishing day the day before but yet could still hammer it out.

Kenneth stayed with us for a lap and then motioned us to go ahead - he must still be sore from Monday's intervals. The next few laps passed very quickly. In fact I didn't realise that we were already in the 6th lap and I thought we were running too fast with a 6:30 5th lap. So we made a conscious effort to slow things down hence the drop to 6:43. Then with 2 laps to go, Justin pulled away and I just tried to keep up. Ronnie had shouted that I'd better PR. The 7th lap felt very fast and I felt my diaphram tightening up but I just grinded my way through the last one, which surprisingly was even faster.

At the end I felt really good in nailing the 8 lapper, reducing nearly 2 minutes of the previous timing! I need to thank Justin to running alongside me even though he was a little sore from his own training. Running alone at that pace for 8 laps would not have been easy. That night my legs felt great - I could feel the muscles tightening which is always a good feeling that you've done a good workout. I downed the remaining bits of Endurox and accompanied Carbo Kid for his nightly adventure with Disney's Tarzan.

7:40 (5:53 pace) > 7:09 > 7:01 > 6:50 > 6:30 > 6:43 > 6:33 > 6:22 (4:55 pace)
Average lap: 6:51 (5:13 pace)
Total time: 54:51


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