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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just Imagine

From my workplace cubicle, a short stroll of 10 metres will take me to the nearest window. And what I see now is really not a nice sight. A thick haze has enveloped the atmosphere.

Allow me to describe the view, what's left to be seen of it. Imagine (just like what Barney would tell the kids) that instead of a city, you're at the English countryside. Instead of year 2005, imagine yourself at the bog setting of The Hound of Baskervilles. Imagine then the smog, haze, mist, fog or what you may call it reducing the already depressing sight down to about a mile's visibility. That's the view I get from the window of my office at Level 15.

I'm already surrounded by 3 unwell colleagues seated at an arm's from me and I'm not sure if it will be my turn to visit the doctor if I run today, breathing in more unhealthy air. Well, no point running the risk. Another day off today and I shall emulate PM19 in dreaming about running. Except that I'll be thinking that I'm running in the wide expanse of an alpine meadow.


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