p pol The Adventures of Carboman: September 2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Tough Going

The workout just now was simply hard going. I thought I had completely recovered from yesterday's intervals but as soon as I started the first few steps, the Carbometer was already beeping furiously - bad sign! The legs felt leaden, even though my upperbody was fine. Nevetheless, I was determined to maintain my easy 8:30 pace per lap. It was a relieve to finally complete the 8 laps.

Timing: 8:48 > 8:43 > 8:37 > 8:29 > 8:36 > 8:26 > 8:13 > 7:20
Average: 8:24, Total: 1:07

It's gonna be a rest day tomorrow - or some weights session. No running, definitely.

Carbo Kid Knocked Out

I finally got the Carbo Kid to sleep at 9:45pm last night after some objections. He didn't take an afternoon nap yesterday and had been awaked since 3pm! Mrs Carbo is back from her visit to Penang and I'm glad to have reinforcements at home. Even Super Heroes need backup sometimes.

After tucking in the kid, I speed watched - that meant fast forwarding the frames - Return of The Jedi on DVD. While the space battles special effects were well done, I still feel that many scenes (acting and also the SFX ones) are very corny. Downed a small bottle of Endurox to aid recovery from the intervals coz there's some serious work to be done at the track today.

Please, Please Mr. Postman

I received an SMS from Penguin-6 aka Terence that he had a surprise package in his mailbox today. It turned out to be the long-forgotten Ipoh Marathon finisher's medal. He said "..Lucky I did not FAK them..." The "FAK" word is a private joke. Anyway, I peeped into my mailbox and there wasn't anything. Perhaps in another day or two.

If anyone's interested, you can read more about the Ipoh Marathon on my alter ego's website's Running > Race Report section.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mooncake Festival - Running in The Rain

On an auspicious day when everyone rushed home to have family dinners, Newton and I found ourselves running 1K intervals on the KLCC track. In the rain.

It was cold at first and we got stared at by motorists caught in a massive traffic jam. Well, they received no sympathy from the Carbo Man. Just a drop of rain would cause a jam in KL. It really is an amazing phenomena. In any case, we targeted to run 5 X 1K, with 300m recovery walk/jogs in betweens.

We actually did this session a month back but being inexperienced, ran way too fast (1st lap below 5 mins) and fizzled out after the 3rd lap. This time around, we intended to run 5:30 laps and go the full 5 laps. After 1.5 laps of warmup jog, we hit it. Below are our lap times. Newton stuck just behind me and hit the afterburners in the last lap.

5:35 > 5:31 > 5:31 > 5:27 > 5:05 (Newton: 4:32)
Total time: 27:10, Average Lap: 5:26

Two World Records & One Guinness World Record

73-year old Ed Whitlock breaks his own 2003 marathon world record for age 70+ by nearly 5 minutes, clocking an amazing 2:54:48. Fauja Singh, 93, clocks 2:30:02 for the half marathon to set another world record for 90+. Michal Kapral gets into the Guinness Book of World Records for "Pram-Pushers", wheeling 20-month-old daughter through full marathon in 2:49:43. More here.

Der_Pacemaker's Running Forum

Announcing yet another development of the local running community! The Der_Pacemaker's Running Forum (DPRF) went "Live" today. Modeled after the comprehensive Runner's World Forum, DPRF intends to provide a meeting ground for runners seeking more info on the sport. Active running chat boards are at Der_Pacemaker's blog and Azwar's Runner's High.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Carbo Junior Hogging The TV

The 2nd solo night with Carbo Junior. Much easier than last night but he seems to know the Mom's not around. So he bounced a lot on my stomach, asked to be lifted using my legs and generally didn't want to go to bed. Then he'd walked around, generally bored (poor thing, actually), sat down and watched the Super Hero has-been - Barney. Repeatedly. The TV worked overtime. CJ finally dozed off at 11:30pm.

Then I took out the 4+1 disc set of the newly released Star Wars Trilogy and treated myself to some corny space action.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Terry Fox Run (Not!)

Missed the Terry Fox Run as Carbo Junior only woke up at 8am. Missed the breakfast sponsored by the Regent Hotel! Missed the finisher's cert and missed running! Quadruple Damn! The quote on this year's T-Shirt made the misses even more sore: "Terry ran 42Km every day in search of a cure for cancer. How far would you go?"

Friday, September 17, 2004

Paper Chase

Taking the lead by Ronnie, I dug out all my running certificates and filed them up nicely. The result: a nice collection dating back to 1989. I've even forgotten that I ran some of these races. It's been that long. The timings were quite impressive: 1:57 for a half marathon and a 57-minute 10K.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Heavy Metal

Out of curiosity, I did a stock-take on my medal/trophy collection. Here's the count:

1989 - Tanjung 10K
1991 - Citibank cross-Country 6th Placing
1993 - Penang Bridge Run
1994 - Citibank Sports Day 5,000m - Champion
1996 - AsiaPacific Games for The Deaf 21K - Top 100 Finisher
1997 - Seremban Half Marathon
1997 - Larian KL 21K - Top 200 Finisher
1997 - Klang Quarter2003 - Nike Pacesetters 15K
2003 - Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
2004 - Nike Pacesetters 15K

1996 - Citibank Closed Bowling Tournament (Individual Masters) - 4th Placing
1996 - Citibank Closed Bowling Tournament (Team) - 3rd Placing Trophy
1996 - Citibank Closed Bowling Tournament (Hi-Series) - 2nd Placing Trophy
1997 - Citibank Closed Bowling Tournament (Team) - 4th Placing
1998 - Citibank Closed Bowling Tournament (Team) - 5th Placing

My collection is nowhere close to Ronnie's (who is chasing his 100th medal) but it does bring back memories. Time to dig out my old event certificates next.

Friday, September 03, 2004

The Rock Crab & Becholi

Did lunch with Ketam Batu aka Andrew and Becholi aka Bernice at KLCC with the Gang. This must be the largest ever congregation by the Gang over a non-running event. From left: Newton (PM18), Kenneth (PM20), Carbo Man (aka PM5), Rohaizad (Fellowshipper(?)), Bernice, Andrew, Ronnie (PM1), Azwar (PM3) and Mei Jyn (not in picture).