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Thursday, March 03, 2005

First Impressions of KLIM

- Better location. Even though parking is expensive and it's a jam prone area, Concorde is a better spot than the rat hole of an FTAAA building

- Free sampling of Powerbar Endurance and Recovery drink. I must've taken 5 cups!

- Free Powerbar Protein Plus for the marathoners

- Pretty sad collection area atmosphere. The 2 Celcom staff were very bored (hands on heads). There's no music, no other exhibitors besides the small ones occupied by Coleman, Nike and Powerbar

- The collection queue was so very disorganized! In fact, there wasn't any queue. So the crowd didn't know when to line up. Even the helpers were running to and fro the chip. The helpers weren't too knowledgable themselves. One claimed that I should hand them RM20 when she was already holding 4 RM5 notes. I said nothing but pointed to the notes. She checked and then sighed at her own mistakes. I suspect these helpers are from AmBank.

- The chip encoding was a mess up. After needlessly paying RM20 as deposit, instead of pre-encoding the chips, the chipsters waited until the bib collection is made. As a result, the following happened: 1) I received 2 chips, so I don't know which one has my data. As a result I'm going to wear both and return both thus ensuring I return with a profit from this race, 2) Another runner noticed that his chip letter belonged to another person. So he has to go to the hotel again to verify that the chip is encoded in his name and not the name on the letter!

- Bib collection was a farce. I heard at least 8 bibs were unaccounted for. Those who were there to collect on behalf of their friends were stumped. Where the hell were the missing bibs? Worse, some of them had been acknowledged, so how to track back??

Evidently, the operations people (Chip, FTAAA, AmBank) didn't talk or meet much prior to today. Much of the fiascos could've been easily prevented.

For those who have yet to collect their bibs, be sure to check:
1) There's a chip
2) There's a bib (only 1 for the front)
3) The name in the chip letter is yours
4) There are pins to pin your bib
5) That you've taken your complimentary Protein Bar


  • Couldn't be more agree with your observations and comments. I was one of the 'victims' too. As I registered online, my database was not captured in their file. The organiser claimed that the database has been corrupted! So, they have to go back to manual (in the 21st century?!) way of verifying, issuing the receipt/reporting card and re-entering my particulars in the chip system and database before its activation. Now, I really hope that they will do the latter or my chip will not be functioning during the race day! God bless me....please!

    By Blogger John, at 6:27 PM  

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