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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday Long Run

The skies thundered last night/this morning. I was wokened up by the rattling of the ceiling boards by the wind. Deep inside, I was praying for the downpour to continue so that I have an excuse to skip this morning's run. Most PACM members are in Kuantan for the Nature Run (10K).

Such was the post-marathon feeling - the urge and drive to wake up early on Sunday mornings (4:25am for me) has gone. It will need to be built up gradually again. Kenny, Tey and I had the pleasant company of Jerry Tang and his daughter, Jessica for today's workout. Apparently they got whiff of our start time from Ronnie's website. Looks like more and more people are aware of the site!

The run was pretty routine though there were surges every now and then. It was then that I realised that I've not fully regained my stamina just yet. I might also have started too fast - we reached Petronas in 1:04 when my usual would be 1:06. Jessica is a great runner and she kept up with us guys very well with her light strides. With training she will do very well - KLIM was her first half.

A point to note for the runners is to exercise caution when running the dangerous Jalan Duta stretch. The usual crossing at the IRB section has been barricaded forcing runners to run further down towards the traffic lights. Be sure to wear light coloured clothing to maximise visibility. Also, try to clear this area fast - run fast and get this stretch over with.

I reached home, showered, played with Carbo Kid and then knocked out on the floor for 40 minutes.

Tomorrow's temperature is going to be a killer with the sun directly over the Equator. Folks have been adviced to stay indoors but will that stop us runners? What do you think?


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