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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Re-acquainting with The Well

Nope, this is not another Japanese/Korean/Thai horror movie but a beautifully produced CD by Jennifer Warnes. You may remember her as the singer who dueted with Joe Cocker in "Up Where We Belong" (Theme Song for "An Officer and A Gentleman) and also "(I've Had) the Time of My Life" (Theme Song from "Dirty Dancing") with Bill Medley. She has a handful of albums to her credit among which The Hunter (1992) and The Well (2001) are in my collection, my favourite of which is the latter. She's hardly a prolific producer, her albums only appear once every 5 to 6 years or so.

I first heard The Well during my brief forays into the world of hi-fi. The CD is pretty expensive, retailing at RM64. What caught me was the sparse but top notch arrangements and her heart felt singing. All the songs in the album were unlike the commercialized pop that you've heard her sing before. Most are about loss and hope, love and devotion.

Since disconnecting my hi-fi many months ago to prevent the destroying hands of my toddler, I've been much deprived of some soul soothing music. My listening times are limited to the time spent in the car - that hardly can be called as a listening experience but I've just got to make do! The Well itself has missed getting into my play list for some time and it was with some pleasure that I rediscovered it this morning on the way to work. The traffic was fine which enabled me to enjoy it slightly more than usual. My hair stood on end when the strumming guitar came on on the title track before the running bass joins in - and we're talking about the inferior car stereo here. The guitar, bass, snapping drums and Warnes's vocals are used to evaluate the characteristics of hi-fi components. While the tracks play, reviewers run through a mental checklist - Do the hi-hats sound too bright? Is the music involving? Lacking in excitement or too mellow? But that's another topic for another day.

What I'm saying is that if you've never sampled Warnes's music before, I strongly recommend The Well. Chuck aside your Britneys and other pop-wannabes. Treat your ears and soul to some real music.

Official site: http://www.jenniferwarnes.com/


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