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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

3 Days After KLIM

I haven't run a single yard since Sunday. My legs have recovered sufficiently for me to resume some light workout. So I'll probably do a 3-4 lapper at KLCC this evening. After all, I need to be there to collect the NB PACM 15K race forms from Rohaizad and Julian.

I finally examined the outsole wear of my NB753 and I'm disappointed to see that the wear has started to eat into the midsole foam in the outer heel areas. This is for both the left and right shoe.

New Balance had better re-look into the durability of their newer cushioned models (no issues on the stability ones) as the 753 and the 1023 were marketed as mid to high mileage runners. It could either be the new compound the use for Ndurance (NB's carbon rubber) or the way the heel area is constructed. My log shows that I've only clocked 160+Ks on my 753s whereas the 1023 lasted longer at 620+K.

If this persists, I may have to look at the Pegasus (RM60 more expensive after discount) or the very durable but much more expensive Wave Rider 8 (RM100 more after discount). These options may be more cost effective in the longer run, literally.


  • Hmm... agree on the shoes la. My 717 seemed to feel more compressed already. Can sort of feel that the cushioning is slightly lost (tho not completely). Even my 765 still feels better, even after only 300-over kms, whereas my 717 only clocked slightly over a hundred k's.

    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 12:47 PM  

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