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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Keep off The Grass?

Yesterday's weather was simply fantastic, a little wet and cool. After picking up some photos I sent for developing, I quickly hastened to the park for my recovery run. By the time I laced up, it was already 6:24pm.

My Timex is still at the distributors for strap replacement so running with my HRM pretty much limited my pace monitoring. A few hundred meters from the start, I ran into 2 young women sitting and stretching on the synthetic track, just where it curves! How dumb can they be. I told them to move to the side as some faster runners will run smack into them.

After the first easy 8:14 lap, I picked it up gently over the next 3 laps. Wherever I could, I'd run on the stretches of grass to lessen the impact to the joints. I no longer saw the 2 women. It was at the downhill fronting the Exxon building that I was flagged down by a park guard. He told me to step off the grass and to keep to the track.

Now, I'm very aware of the "Keep of the Lawn" ruling - provided there are signs. However there were none at the park (at least on the stretches where I was running) and the condition of the grass could hardly be classified as lawn. Not only that, I saw a few who were also running on the grass. If you want to nitpick, what about those who sit, smoke, walk, eat on the grass? I pointed this out to the guard but I think he didn't get me. I continued on and on my final lap, I saw Steven (Penguin 5) who had concluded his workout and in the last 300 meters, I came across Newton running slowly.

This morning I dug around the park's official site for an email address for me to send in my complaint and to seek clarification but typical of most local sites, there were no avenues to send feedback in. Even if there are, there are no guarantees that the mailbox is attended to. If anyone knows of this ruling or have information on how to send an email to the park officials, please post a comment. This was not the first time that I run on the grass and I will continue to do so, unless it's stated in the park regulations.


  • yeah carboman! keep running on them grass. those guards can kiss your ass, can't they?

    By Anonymous kan cheong, at 3:48 PM  

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