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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Laughter In The Rain

The popular Neil Sedaka tune was indeed true for me as despite the heavy downpour, I managed to put in a 10K (OK, short of a few yards) together with Nurotevil, Justin's crazy friend. And no, unlike the song, I didn't run hand in hand with the madman.

While suiting up in my jacket (minus the sleeves), I heard thunder rumbling and some brief flashes of lightning. Decided to wait awhile before hopping outside. Thankfully the lightning ceased.

To my surprise, nearing the completion of my first lap, I saw Newton, in just his running attire sans jacket/cap, coming onto the track. Some moments later he took off faster in his attempt to PR. The weather was just cool and fine, with the rain reducing to a drizzle. The haze had cleared to an extent that visibility was excellent to about 2K.

Then Nurotevil joined me on my 3rd lap. Justin had warned me about this fellow. True enough, grinning from ear to ear, and already taking over the mileage work from Justin, we ran side by side. A few more laps and we spotted Newton who had already stopped - his injured hip must be acting up again. He was chatting with another caucasian regular.

This Nurotevil must be a looker as we attracted the coy gaze of 3 girls - twice - when we passed them. A quarter into my last lap, my wife called which meant I had to finish my run. The madman continued on his own. Incidentally he informed me that 150K a week mileage diet works just fine for him.

It was a nice comfortable run for me and I'm sure the KLCC regulars will be seeing more of Nurotevil from now on!


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