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Friday, March 23, 2007

When It Rains...

  • It's the best time to run, coz that's when 95% of runners skip their workouts
  • The tracks are free of human traffic
  • The roads are going to be log-jammed
  • It's an opportunity to put in a second workout of the day
  • It's a good time to introduce your relatively new shoe to the puddles
  • Your 8 laps feel like 5
  • Your 5:30 pace feels like 6:00
  • Other people think you're crazy to be out there doing laps but it's OK coz you feel great challenging the norms
  • The conditions add satisfaction to the completion of the training run
Being a speed workout day, I set the watch's pace timer for 7:30 (5:46 road pace, similar to my recent KLIM pace) laps for a total of 5 laps. That would've put my workout at 46:30. I decided on a 7:30 pace as I'd already ran in the morning with some hill bursts, so I didn't want to be too gung-ho about it. As it turned out my first lap was already 7:09. With Newton in tow, I slowed down to 7:18 for the second. Somehow it didn't feel hard enough, so I clocked another 7:09. Newton stopped while I continued for the remaining 2 laps, both under 7 minutes. Total workout was 35:20 for an average pace of 5:25. The shoes are being air-dried today, so today's run will be a chance for the Pegasus to come out and play.


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