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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Tuesday

As I stepped out into the office lobby, I saw that the rain outside was too heavy, so with another colleague, we rode the lift back to our respective floors to retrieve our umbrellas. I was cursing silently and she was likewise irritated by the downpour as well. We chatted on the way up and she asked me whether I was heading home, to which I replied au contraire. I've got a date with my run. "Running is like sex. You've gotta do it, when you've gotta do it. Just carry on come what may," I said. We had a good laugh. She asked if I was training for a race before I got off. By the time I got to the car to change, the rain suddenly eased to a light drizzle. After tucking my ClimaFIT cap into my shorts, I jogged to the start and without breaking stride, immediately commenced my run. The time was already 7pm. I can't leave at 5:30pm sharp or at the drop of the hat you know! Anyways, the plan was to cover as much laps as I could given the limited time. Cheong was supposed to join me as well.

Running at KLCC meant that I can gauge my fitness and pace again. The 1.3K lap allows one to monitor the splits closely and if one chooses to run there at least thrice a week, he/she can develop an acute sense of pace, like I did leading to my KLIM PR last year. The distance is short enough so that you can correct the pace quickly with each passing lap. Where I've been running the last 2 weeks (while on vacation), each lap is nearly 2K, which meant adjusting the next lap will have to be over the next 13.5 minutes or so, given my current pace. At KLCC, I can tweak my pace every 7:45 to 8 minutes.

After a conservative start, my lap times were getting faster and faster. I noticed that my pace isn't that far from my "home training" pace. In fact due to the undulating nature of my home route, I'm able to deal and run more comfortably at KLCC. It appears that my home route is helping me develop some strength! I finally spotted and lapped Cheong (he'd come late) en route to my 7 laps.

8:11 > 8:16 > 7:56 > 7:37 > 7:31 > 7:13 > 6:54
Total: 53:42, Average lap: 7:40 (or 5:53 road pace).
Interestingly, a 7:40 KLCC pace will yield a 4:08 marathon.

When comparing the 53:42 I did just now with the distance I covered at home, I was surprised to find that I was able to cover a full K more at KLCC in the same given time than the home route. I will sleep happy tonight.



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