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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Satisfying Friday Run

I finally had my first over 1-hour run since half a year ago at the park yesterday. The pace was comfortable and I got my mileage in. The first few laps were with Ronnie and Newton, after which I went alone until it was dark. The Friday traffic was horrendous made worse by a broken down trailer, which blocked an entire lane. Thankfully my level of endorphins were at an elevated level and with the RW NYC Marathon podcast blasting from the car stereo, the external goings-on didn't affect me.

On another note, I learnt that tomorrow Tunnel run distance is actually 16K instead of 14K. That means it's going to be a 10-miler and I'll be going the furthest so far at this stage of my training.

Note to Mitch: Thanks for your feedback on Endurox. Yup, I refuelled within 2 hours. If you've your own blog, please send me the URL. You can find my email in the RunnersMalaysia website. Cheers!

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