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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Message In The Disruption

Following a high of the KLIM, my training momentum was checked for 2 days when it rained heavily enough to prevent me from going outside. While I believe there's no loss of cardio fitness or even speed from just 2 days off from running (some of my team-mates will beg to differ), the disruption to the routine caused me some irritation. My mood wasn't too good as I tried to rush off from the office just so that I can run (which I couldn't obviously, hence my rant).
I've since arrested the disruption and it's business as usual since yesterday evening and from the way I was running there's been no loss of fitness on my part. I suppose this is one way to drive home the message to me that rest is indeed part of training. Yesterday's was a 30-minute cardio workout and this morning a series of short hill bursts following a 4K warmup. Things are looking good for another evening run of 5-6K, which shall be done at tempo pace.


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