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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wednesday @ KLCC

I've been able to run at the KLCC Park of late as Carbowoman has yet to return to work following her delivery of C2. I expect things to change next week when she rejoins the workforce. I won't be able to go for my evening runs except when she needs to stay back at the office to clear her work. Until then I intend to make full use of the remaining days of the week to do the laps at the park. Just a few days running around the rubberized track and I'd regain some sense of pacing, which hopefully will put some discipline into achieving my long runs.

Once again I was late in starting my workout. After picking up Kenny's car keys (he was halfway his workout) to retrieve the SMART Tunnel Run bib and keeping it in my car, it was already 7:10pm. Started easily and after a couple of laps, I was on TK pace firstly with Kenny, then with Loco Lai and finally with Ah Toh. 3 different fast and loco runners. I did mention that the pace was TK pace and they were doing their warm down lap. Even so, I had to be careful so that Loco Lai didn't drag me along on his version of warm down pace. In the end I managed only 6 laps due to lack of time unless I want to reach home and have dinner at 9pm. Compared to energy, time is the greater enemy in marathon training for people like me. But it makes crossing the finish line even sweeter, knowing that we've successfully negotiated the various obstacles along the way.



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