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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things Are Getting Better

I managed to sneak out for a run yesterday and today. Dropped everything I did and just walked away from my desk. The reward? A 2 lapper yesterday and a 4 lapper today. I needed to loosen the legs a bit. After all that carbo loading, I was feeling a little lethargic. I simply couldn't complain with the ultra short sessions. Beggars can't be choosers. Tomorrow will be my final run before Sunday's race.

I had an unplanned lunch with Lifemou today. He bought some colleagues ice-cream and since one of them didn't want to eat his, I was the beneficiary. Like I said, never resist ice-cream! Lifemou seemed confident and I'm sure he will smoke me come race day. His race strategy is one of pure guts. A few of us will be meeting up for lunch on Saturday - we're to play host to a running friend from Thailand and Japan (who's the founder of the EcoMarathon). So it should be a fun and eye-opening gathering.

On another note, I'm pleased that Carbokid has "recovered" from his regression. He's been OK with the trips to the nanny's and back home in the evenings for the last few days. We're still taking him off school so we'll be talking with the school on the refund.


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