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Thursday, February 09, 2006

asics 2006 Catalogue

I've been eyeing the above for awhile. It's a small booklet, nicely produced and inserted into the Aussie edition of the RW magazine (forgot which month). But flicking it, even though it's a mag insert would seem like stealing - something I wouldn't want to do.

Opportunity presents itself just now when I bought the Mar issue of the US edition where they feature the spring shoe review. The Aussie issue was there on the shelf, so I took the asics catalogue out and asked the shopowner if it was OK for me to have it. I was glad that he said OK.

The booklet catalogue was simply marvellous. You wouldn't believe how many models they feature in there - 120, across different sports from volleyball, walking, running and more! There are also some brief on the tech behind the shoes. I've had experience with 3 old models of asics and I've no complains except why the heck are asics shoes so expensive nowadays? Forget Nike as most of their models are fashion oriented but asics has to be up there with Mizuno in the price range. While Mizuno are available in this country, there are no asics retailer in the country except in the state of Penang.


  • Hey Carboman,

    I manage to get the booklet too. My brother bought a copy of Runners World Aussie edition. I think it's the December/Jan issue. Anyway, I was drooling over the booklet...

    By Blogger Boon Haw, at 6:49 PM  

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