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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Final Long Run

I was asked what my week's mileage was and I replied 40K (today's 33K and 7K over 2 week days). I also burst out laughing when I said that because of the incredulity (spelling?). This training has got to be the worst I'd managed to string together but come what may I'll be giving my best on race day. I've already prepared my mind to accept the pain and discomfort that's to come.

A surprise this morning was Kenneth who started later with Jessica. There were 8 of us who started off into the darkness at 5:08 this morning and I ran mostly with Penguin2 at 6-minute pace. Reached 10K mark in exactly 1 hour and 20K in 2 hours. 30K in 2:52 and the balance 3K in 18 minutes. The final 8K of my run was with Jessica, whom I'd caught up with. She was running pretty strongly.

Before I left the car park, I tried Kenneth's GT-2100 and it was a stupendous shoe. However I found that the midfoot shank contributed to some pronounced stiffness around the arch area and becuase of that I believe this model will cause some problems such as sore arch to me. I've got a neutral gait hence I don't need the stability features. Otherwise, the 2100's heel and forefoot cushioning was the best I'd ever sampled. It deservedly won the Shoe of The Year Award. Perhaps the Landreth or Cumulus would offer the same feel (minus the stiffness).


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