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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Visit To The Ti-Ratana Welfare Home

CarboKid's pre-school paid a visit to the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society this evening. As it turned out the visit was not only by the pre-school but a sort of open house for the public in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. There are a few homes managed by the society but this visit was to the kids' home. We saw so many kids there and while some were perfectly "normal", a number were special.

As I was accompanying CarboKid as he was checking the place out, one kid sudddenly ran up behind me and gave me a hug and by the time I turned around he or she (I didn't know who did it!) had ran off! Then there was a girl who kept asking me (in Mandarin) whether I was a celebrity. I was amused by the question and though I wanted to tell her that I was THE Carboman (in jest of course) I couldn't as I don't know to how say it in Mandarin! So I just replied her "No". There was also a special kid who kept playing hide and seek with me.
We didn't stay long but it was an eye-opening time for me. It's been a long time since I visited such homes, the last time was when I was still in secondary school. It was a reminder to us how fortunate we are to have a home and parents who love and are there for us. These kids, many of whom are orphans may not enjoy that privilege but from what I see, they are in good hands.

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