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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Madness

It rained at about 5pm just now, turning the already bad traffic into a veritable nightmare. Different people would have gone through different challenges. Here are just 2 sets of folks.
Courting Couples
Having made dinner bookings, they were cursing and cussing firstly at the weather, then the traffic and finally at the car next lane who was jostling into theirs. For the man driving to pick up his partner, he was seen gnashing on his fingernails. For those not on the roads, they can be seen hand in hand at the KLCC Park wary of over-enthusiastic park wardens who were out to nab amourous couples who can't keep their hands to themselves.
With Carbokid unwell, Carboman (having ran only 4K) and Carbowoman (also unwell) were exploring ways to get to the nanny's who in turn was planning to bring her family out to dinner - and it was already close to 8:30pm!
Ps. Am sleepy, hence a posting that's littered with grammatical errors.


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