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Friday, February 17, 2006

We're So Tired

For the past 1.5 weeks, Carbokid has been acting out of character. He's been clingy, didn't want to go to the nanny's in the morning, didn't want to attend his pre-school unless the nanny or us be there for him. In the evening when we retrieve him from the nanny's, he wouldn't want to go home. He bawled for 20 minutes in the car last night and this morning was in cling mode so much that we couldn't drop him at school. Carbowoman had to take a day's leave to manage him at home where he's OK. The switching of environment is evidently distressing him and even though he loves the school, we'll pull him out until he's more stable and assured. Hopefully this is just a passing phase that will blow over soon. We're very tired.
Not that I'm in the right frame of mind but there's been next to no training this entire week. I don't consider 4K runs training at all and yesterday didn't buck the distressing trend. Managed only 3 hard laps (with a duathlete named Shahrul) and 1 cooldown lap. I've basically left my lungs on the rubber track with the 3 laps and I've got no juice left. Lifemou would be relishing the swig of Jack Daniels and righfully so. I'm in no condition to mount a race effort on Mar 5th.
The hard lap times: 7:17 > 6:18 > 6:12 = 19:48 (30 secs off my 3-lap PR)


  • Heh, your last post sorta put me in some de-ja-vu... I'm also a little embarrassed to put in my training reports, as there isn't really any worth to put in. Not that I haven't been running, I have, just not at the frequency and just simply following a plan as I should...

    I'll try to do several long runs before the race, and just do the best I can.. hahaha...

    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 3:31 PM  

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