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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


3 members (me included) in my project team are either sick or recovering from illness. 2 of them have been working over weekends for the last 1 month and are usually in by 6:30am every weekday. They don't get to leave early too, stepping out only at 11:30pm nearly every day. This is only a sampling of the pressure we're under to deliver this project by this month end. I've not run a single step in my running shoes (only did it in my work shoes, hurrying between floors for meetings). I was down with a throat infection, always the case when I'm really stressed, and though the throat is fine now, the cough is very persistent. I have doubts of emceeing the club's Annual Dinner at the Dynasty Hotel this Saturday.

I saw a second doctor today and he's prescribed stronger medication - in the context of rifles, it's something like the elephant gun (no guesses on what it's used for). I will be gladly knocked down tonight. I need a few nights of good rest. That's been a premium lately. Running? How lucky, those of you who have been able to do that. I envy you, but I'll be back even if it's not competitively. For now. Maybe. Who knows.


  • Take good care and make sure you have enough rest.

    By Blogger John, at 9:09 PM  

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