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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lunch With PM1, 21, 33 & 40

I had loads to eat for lunch today at the Avenue K foodcourt. I wolfed down 2 chapatis with dhal (lentil gravy), 1 bowl of potatoes and 1 bowl of spicy chicken, and now I'm fully stuffed. Tomorrow's lunch will be 2 of my ex-colleagues (one of whom have joined my present company) and I expect it to be another carbo loading party for me. I was just informed that this Sunday's 30K race will start at 6am instead of 5am, which means I'll still be running at 9am. But I think it should be all right if the pacing is done sensibly. I'm not as concerned about the heat and sun as much as the terrain. We'll be running through some pretty treacherous ups and downs. By the end of the race, I'm sure more than a pair of calves, quads and hams would've blown.


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