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Friday, January 13, 2006

Weekend Bliss

Saturday Plans
Do some CNY shopping for the in-laws, watch Harold & Kumar, Brothers Grimm and Bridget Jones Diaries 2. Carbo loading, wash car, mop house, check out some nurseries (the plant-type).
Sunday 30K
Come one come all! Tey and his gang, Rohaizad, Yong and I will be going for it this Sunday at 6am. Though we'll be starting together I expect the bunch of us to split into 2, with Tey leading the faster group. We should reach Petronas within 65 mins, return to the IRB in 25 mins, roll back to Petronas in 30 mins and finally back to the start by 9:15am. We ought to be able to avoid those running the Siemens 10K, I suppose. I would've liked to do a 33K at least but looking at my present conditioning, it'll be quite a challenge. I'd also like to get home earlier this Sunday. We'll see.


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