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Friday, January 06, 2006

Hope To Get It Going

After being in a funk for the last 1 week, I was happy to lace up again. The weather was cool and it would later drizzle. The rain was a good thing as it sent most of the folks who crowd the running track scurrying into the nearest KLCC Mall. After completing the 4 laps with Newton, I decided to carry on as long as I can before my wife called. The call came just as I completed my 7th lap. It was a very nice run and I agree with John Jerome in his book "Elements of Effort" that one of the reasons man run is because of the natural urge to be free. I was indeed free of the shackles that had bogged me down for most of last week.

Popsicle Bunnies. I love this scene - so cute, simple and absurd!


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