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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Everyday, our consciousness are assaulted by a mix of emotions from every levels of distress/sadness to joy and hope. If that notion is true, then today seems to be a typical one.
Sad and distressing news I caught in the local papers recently:
- Man killed by a small bomb. The online version of this report has no pictures but in the paper edition, there's a touching photo of the widow and her daughter. According to the police, it was an act of business rivalry or prank. In all likelihood, they have no idea.
Jogger raped and killed. This happened while she (a sweet looking 25-year old) was out jogging with her sister who was running some distance behind. The victim was a regular jogger and at 6pm, it was still bright. She was apparently pulled off into a vehicle and was found a few hours later with her throat slit. Everyone out there needs to have greater situational awareness. A fellow runner also covered this tragic news in his site.
Uplifting ones that hints that Life if still worth living and fighting for:
- Haile adds another World Record to his already illustrious career. 58:55 for a Half Marathon anyone? He's been strong this year and Tergat's record will certainly be at risk.
- Tri-Geek Kahuna finds a hero in his son. Written with such affection that only a Dad can.
Us 3 siblings were brought up in a strict environment with religion playing a large part of our lives. While I lost some childhood freedom, I gained some discipline and balance which provided some grounding during the tougher times. Nearly every Sunday would be spent at the Sunday School or at a prayer class. I also represented my Sunday School a few times in the national level quiz competitions. There were the national written exams too which I scored tops in the levels but I stopped short of completing the Diploma certification (which was issued by the Buddhist Council in Sri Lanka) due to timing. A posting in Rohaizad's blog brought back lessons learnt from those days. Suffering and happiness and every emotional feelings in between have no permanance, physical and emotional changes happen constantly. If we possess greater awareness of our feelings, there is every likelihood that we'll be able to check our emotions and actions (attributed to greed, hatred and misguidedness) and not react rashly. It may not eliminate all the crimes of the world but we will see less of it.


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