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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Midweek Long Run

I had a rewarding run today. Something I've not done since the KLIM training earlier this year. And that was to put in a double digit run on Wednesdays. The evening weather for the last 1 week has been conducive, despite blazing hot afternoons. Depending on how I was feeling, my aim was to do 8:00 to 8:20 laps for 10 laps. A 8:20 lap is equivalent to a 6:15 pace, my target marathon pace. The going for the early laps were quite OK but I was a little worn towards the end. To compound the issue, I was fumbling a few times with my watches lap buttons - proof that it's really been awhile since I had to press that button so many times!

I had Adam for company for my 3rd and 4th laps and when Kenneth joined in they both took off at a faster pace which I felt was not I wanted to do. Today was strictly a workout targeted at improving my stamina, so I can't be distracted by faster runs. So I plodded on and was surpised that my pacing has been quite consistent throughout the 11 laps. Yup, because I screwed up the lap button, I didn't realise that I'd gone a lap above my target. As I stretched and chatted with Adam near The Bench (which was incidentally occupied), I noted that my legs weren't sore, a good sign. Ronnie and Justin were hammering their final laps.

Lap times: 8:03 > 8:08 > 8:03 > 7:51 > 7:57 > 7:56 > 7:48 > 7:48 > 8:12 (stopped for a quick drink) > 7:56 : 7:23
Distance: 14.3K


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