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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another New Friend

It's not often you get to know 2 new running friends in a day. 2 laps into my evening run, I found myself running at about the same pace as a Kwai Low. I broke the ice by asking about his shoe - a splendid looking Gel Cumulus 7. It looks even better than in the magazines. Art is a marathoner from Houston and has been here for a week plus. We chatted for awhile before I decided to drop off the pace as we were going sub-7 each lap which was way too fast for me given my program. There weren't many regulars at the park today with only Ronnie, Justin (who made an rare appearance) and Li Sar who was walking in preps of this Sunday's Malay Mail Big Walk. I guess the rest were still sore from the recent Sunday's race. There were however plenty of "sights" if you catch my drift.

The Gel Cumulus 7 which Art bought for USD75


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