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Friday, September 23, 2005

Puchong Night Attack

Met my running friend again last night as he was leaving his house for a run...at 8pm. I was home early just after completing 3 steady laps (a couple done with Kenneth) at KLCC. Deep inside I was very sweaty and feeling very unfulfilled. Added to that I noticed the return of my aggression - which was a fantastic thing. You need a certain level of aggression during a training program. I don't know about you but this feeling provides me with one of the greatest motivation. The kind that gets me through the day to day task of sliding on your trainers and haeding out there to do the "job". And this feeling is BACK!

So I told my wife that I have to have another go when we got home. After ditching the stuff at home, my Mom was around preparing dinner so Carbokid had a minder in the form of my wife, I changed into another pair of shoes, took a gulp of drink and set off into the night for my version of the famed Thursday Puchong Night Attack. In the end I did a good 28-minute progression run around my neighbourhood's undulating roads. Certain stretches of the roads were tight so I had to be extra alert. At least there are no strays at night. There are the usual stares but hey, someone's got to start the revolution and change the mindset right? So it was I had my first run with my friend. He had a certain relaxed movement about him something I'll be focusing on during my runs - staying relaxed. Back home, I was still sweating as I had my extra helping of rice. I slept last night feeling satisfied.
It's Friday today and the first week of my training is coming to an end and there are 3 more sessions left from today till Sunday to complete the first part of the mileage game.

10 weeks to go.


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