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Monday, September 26, 2005

Long Run & Encounter With The Walkers

Started off on my first 20K in a couple of months with Tey at 6:05am after waiting a bit for Justin. After awhile it was obvious
that he wouldn't make it so we went off at a slow pace into the dark. I was seasoning my 890. On our way to Hartamas we noted that the cops were already setting up the traffic cones in anticipation of the Malay Mail walkers. Same for the refreshment stations. I was tempted to make a grab for the sponges and water bottles! As it turned out we got to Hartamas just slightly over an hour - which wasn't so slow either. Certain stretches were a bit labourous for me having skipped this route for a long time. In fact, I still don't find travelling nearly 33K (each way) for a 20K run economical, especially when the cost of living is escalating.

The return trip to Bukit Aman was slightly faster but it got plenty interesting as we merged with the front walkers of the 7K category. While the top 4 senior men were gyrating their hips, I was trying to avoid bumping into them. And because they were constantly weaving from one side of the road to the other, I too had to do the same. The FTAAA officials were asking me to back off as well. It was exciting to watch the walkers duke with each other. The leader was too much in front to be overtaken so that battle was for 2nd placing was between an Indian and a Chinese who traded leads. At the same time I swore the 4th walker wasn't really walking and true enough he was warned by the official on the bike.

As I turned at the Central Bank junction to head towards Bukit Aman, a Chinese Coach asked me in Mandarin why I don't have my bib on. I replied that I'm running and not part of the event! He must've thought that I had been disqualified.


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