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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Burning Feeling Is Good

Yesterday's weather was once again good. The rain stopped just before the usual workout time and after picking up some DVDs from Wisma Central, I power walked to the carpark to change and hit the park. I decided to run clockwise more often these days to balance out my usual anti-clockwise direction. This usually eases off the repetitive stress on just one leg and it's worked for me along the course of marathon training when my ITB would usually flare up.

Kenneth was already in his first lap but contrary to his posting in the shoutbox that he was going easy, he was apparently hitting it. Turned out that he was doing 1K reps. Nearly all my runs were progression runs and yesterday was no different averaging 5:30 pace right down to a flat 5:00 for the final lap. Julian was still running comfortably with his friend KT when I started the slope repeats near the KLCC Convention Centre.

The first "hike" up took me 44 secs and it felt too easy. I then step on the gas a bit and brought down the time to 42 secs which I held consistently for the next 5 reps. The last rep was accomplished in a near-sprint mode - 30 odd secs. I was not satisfied with the little amount of stress the legs were being subjected to. True, my lungs and upper body were getting a good workout but the legs hardly felt "pushed" as at 150 meters long, the incline is simple not long enough. I could also use with a steeper gradient such as the one near my old apartment which was 400 meters long and 20 to 25 degrees incline. Good hill reps should take about a minute to get to the top each time.

I wasn't satisfied and still am not. Them legs need a tougher workout but I won't be able to run today as I've got an appointment later this evening.

7:35 > 7:26 > 7:04 > 6:29 (5:00 pace)
Distance: 5.2K (without hill reps)
Average lap: 7:09 (5:30 pace)


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