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Monday, July 04, 2005

4 Weeks To Klang

PM20 came over on Saturday morning for a morning run around my place. From the start I knew it was going to be a hard run, not because of the company but because of the route which we were to take. Undulating all the way, the entire landscape of the route was barren, devoid of shelter and towards the later part a little dusty due to the construction of a new phase of housing. The fact that we were starting late at about 8:15am didn't help our cause. And while we learn to see the benefits or silver lining in the downside that life dishes us, the only positive I see that could possibly be gleaned from the intended run was the toughening up of the body and mind in the harsh conditions.

We jogged off slowly past the playground where Carbokid was playing with his Mom and before long we left the "safe" confines of the housing area for the roads outside. There weren't many cars and the roads were sufficiently wide enough for the 2 of us. At one point I could help imagining that I was running in Ethiopia - with the dirt paths and, hot and barren land around us. As expected a few passers-by cast us some stares. I wonder when can we have a running culture that's so strong and entrenched as some countries in the west.

It was a push towards the end and we were pretty exhausted from the heat. We completed the approximately 7K run in 39 minutes. Not too bad at all and when PM19 dropped by clutching a VCR and the Fire On The Track VHS, it capped off a Saturday morning perfectly.


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