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Thursday, June 30, 2005


It was one of the hottest evenings I've ever experienced. The day didn't start that way though - it poured and prompted brief thoughts of curling up in bed. Things started to heat up near lunch time and got really bad at about 4pm or so. Nevertheless it was still better than having a hazy atmosphere, so I settled down for some hard work. And boy, was it hard going. Even with Adam, Kenneth and Ronnie around, I found no "kick" to complete 8 laps, just finishing 6. After getting 2 cold drinks from my car, I parked my heinie on The Bench and taunted them (and Rohaizad who've joined in) for the next 3 laps.

Later on, it was Justin and Newton's turn as they went about their laps. We spent some time chatting and joking until 7:30pm. My wife called that she had to work really late, so I went off to pick up Carbokid and had dinner at the Kuchai Lama McDonald's where the kiddo had fun playing and baby-chatting with a cute Caucasian-Chinese toddler (my son definitely has a taste for the pretty).

Not long after we went down to KL to pick up my wife and Carbokid fell asleep at the back of the car. We reached home at 10pm and everyone was dead tired and by 11pm we were fast asleep.

Reached the office this morning and started preparing for an important meeting with the COO and CCO on a major project we're running and with 3 hours to 6pm, I'm already looking forward to a perky 8 lapper at the park.

Oh yes, Happy Birthday Justin!


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