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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

5:58!!!! Lim Peh Boh Siang Seen!

The weather yesterday was superb for running and my plan was to do 5 laps medium pace followed by 10 hill reps. When I got there, there was no sight of Ronnie nor Justin, so I took off on my own. Soon enough Justin caught up with me - he was already going into his 4th lap at 6:30 pace. I told him that it was too fast. So we compromised on a comfy 7:30 lap.

Before long Justin pointed out our very "Zatopek" to me who wasn't running that slow. Indeed he was all that Kenneth had described him. "Zatopek" was obviously suffering but he kept his flailing arms and legs going, clapping to psyche himself up. Justin and I agreed that if this fella picks up the sport big time, he's capable of runing some mad times. You see, in terms of bravery and pure guts, this novice has no peers - at least it seemed that way.

We soon got ahead of "Zatopek" and our pace picked up little by little. On my 4th lap, I got my share of runnus interruptus when my wife called to go home. With the auditors around the office, she'd been working pretty late last week, so she wanted to leave early. I suggested to Justin to hit a fast final lap and off we went. I only managed to hang on to him for 1/2 a lap after which he pulled further and further away. I simply didn't have the leg turnover - the touch-go-touch-go-light landing-fast takeoff "thing". But was I shocked when I checked my watch after the final lap! 5:58! It certainly didn't feel like it. I thought I was running 6:15, which I've been clocking a few times already. Another milestone - my fastest KLCC lap.

7:54 > 7:28 > 7:07> 6:56 > 5:58 (4:30 pace)
Average lap: 7:05 (5:25 pace)


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