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Friday, July 01, 2005

Finally A Cool Evening

I had a thoroughly good workout yesterday. It was nice to run hard again in training. Not that I have any choice as the showdown has been set. In case you're wondering, I'm referring to the face off between the CarboMan and Der_Vulgar Fella (PM20) during the Klang 10K. We've got 1 month to prepare and my threat alert is already squawking like mad. While PM20 has been hitting the tracks, running repeats, I took advantage of the cool weather to run a 5-lapper.  Lap times were: 7:46 > 7:30 > 7:07 > 6:45 > 6:17. The average pace was 5:25 per lap. If done over a distance of 10K to 15K, the workout would've qualified for what the Kenyans called "Progression Workout". It's a simple workout where one would start slow and gradually pick up the pace until you will finish at race pace. Since my 6:17 final lap is close to my race pace of 4:48, I think I've done well. The key is finishing very strong in the workout. So while PM20 has been strengthening himself at the track, I've been steeling myself up in a different way. Who will prevail come July 31st? Watch this space!

Lunch just now was kebab at KLCC with Mun Cheong. Then we walked over to the spanking new KL Convention Centre for the Maxis 3G launch. I thought the whole deal was pretty hyped up. I'm a person who's not too keen on using the mobile phone as a multimedia equipment other than to make calls, SMS and a rare MMS. Surfing the web, gaming, performing other downloads using a mobile are simply not viable to me. Screen size aside, the startup and monthly costs are too high. These propositions are best left to notebooks.

On the way to the convention centre I bumped into Gavin Bong. He just came out from the Expo as well. Having been consumed with work, I hope to catch up with him at the races, and that's usually post race coz he's in a different class altogether.


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