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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dri-Tech Briefs Review

Technical fabrics like Nike's Dri-FIT, Sphere Dry, Reebok's Play-Dry, Asics' Coolmax and adidas' ClimaCool and ClimaLite, have been around for ages. In this country, these performance fabrics have been incorporated primarily into the running tops and shorts as well as socks. Their sole purpose is to keep the wearer cool and dry by employing a layering method is pulling moisture away from the skin towards the outer surface of the fabric. The evaporation resulting from the capillary effect is what keeps the wearer cool.
Up till recently, serious athletes can get these apparels quite easily but have not had the chance to experience it on a more intimate level unlike our brethrens from the US and other running-developed countries. While not a sports brand, Renoma has been associated mostly with office and casual wear. They are quite well known for their range of underwear. I chanced upon their sports briefs recently during a excursion to Isetan KLCC and what caught my eyes was the "Dri-Tech" word inscribed on the box. The briefs look the same as any other, the styling just slightly more dynamic with "sportier lines" - gosh I didn't know words used to describe cars could be used for briefs! Anywa, the feel of the fabric is really smooth almost silk like, to the point that you just know it's going to be comfortable.

I've worn them for 2 days now, both occassions not while out running, so I can't vouch for their efficacy under duress. No doubt they're very comfortable on normal times. Later today, I'll be able to test them to full effect when I go for my usual workout at KLCC.
Even if they fail to perform when worn for a run, for just RM29 for a box of 3, it's still a good buy for normal day-to-day wear.

The briefs performed well yesterday. Besides the usual laps, I also put in some hill repeats. I didn't feel any discomfort at any time. Most importantly post-workout, I noticed that the briefs were much drier than the cotton ones. This shows that they dry faster. I'd give this product a thumbs up!


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