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Friday, July 08, 2005

Of BMW Drivers and Other Brain Dead Ones

Several BMW drivers have been getting on my nerves lately. From the office twerp otherwise known as my ex-boss to some beemer drivers out there regardless of sex or race. You know these assholes. They usually drive their machines in the following manner:
  1. Tailgating
  2. Zipping in and out of the heavy traffic
  3. Drives with one hand on the steering
In fact the only, OK two, differences that set them apart from the usual Jinjang Joe bastards in modified Protons are that the BMW drivers are better dressed and you don't hear the in-car music as they zoom by. In short instead of Jinjang, you'll probably see these rich bastards in Bangsar - which makes them Bangsar Bastards.

Which makes me wonder at how many newly rich idiots there are out there (as the BMW drivers of old I've seen are definitely well behaved). Perhaps the makers of the ultimate driving machine are attempting to test out their car safety on actual Malaysian road conditions.

My rant is not over. How often are you bugged by drivers who seemingly are oblivious that their headlamps are on high beam? You either get the blur types who are simply unaware or those whose right headlamps are on high while the left sides are on low. My only speculation on how this happens is that when they had their lamp bulbs replaced, they didn't check on the elevation or positioning of the replacement bulb - a simple task that won't take 5 minutes. The brightness of their headlamps are only dampened by their dimwittedness.

How about this. After waiting in a jam 500m away from the traffic light for 8 minutes, the traffic cop signals for your side of traffic to move. The cars at the front of the queue take off! And then you find yourself waiting for the car in front to get moving and when it does, at 20km/h!!! You clench the steering and grit your teeth and wonder how homosapiens made it to the top of the foodchain by being a slow mover. Then the traffic cop pointed at your car to stop but Slo-Mo got through to the other side. You feel like banging your head on the dashboard and as a reward get to wait another 8 minutes for your next turn.


  • How about this. Imagine being stuck behind inconsiderate arseholes who approach green traffic lights at a snails pace but WILL accelerade to beat the amber lights thus preventing you from making it across as well. And also not forgetting the wonderful folks who blare their horns 2 seconds after the lights have changed. Don't you just love this city?

    By Anonymous Lawrence, at 2:54 PM  

  • There's a great way to piss BMW drivers off - go roaring past in your Mercedes.

    I also have a Rover, worth both halves of nothing at all, and it laughs at BMW 3 series.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:17 AM  

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