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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nicole Kidman is Hot (most of the time)

Like PM19, what turned out to be a key race this Sunday is turning into a "let's see how it goes and not expect too much" outing. Even as I've recovered from my diarrhea my cough has made a return, even though it doesn't seem to be serious. Mostly the dry variety with equally dry and a slightly sore throat. I suspect this could be due to my bedroom aircond where it's blowing directly down to the bed where we're sleeping. I've made a mental note to adjust it's louvres tonight. I've gargled warm salt water last night and that pretty much took care of the sore throat. I'm drinking a lime with honey drink to soothe the throat further.

I missed my run again yesterday due to this major project which I'm currently part of. The meeting with the COO took nearly 2 hours and by the time I got back to my desk there were loads of things to do. Couldn't stay awake much longer at 10:30pm, I knocked off. Today, well, today is another day and I hope I'll be able to put in some easy miles.

At this point I'm totally not optimistic of running a 50 minute 10K much less to medal in the race. I was looking forward to put pedal to the metal with Kenneth, Tey and CM but now it looks foolhardy to have such lofty aspirations given my physical condition. I'll just basically run to complete in under an hour. Now back to this messy work of mine.


  • Last time I participated in a race it was summer, really hot, I had the wrong clothing and didn't train beforehand. I finished 10 minutes later than my colleagues but was still alive. So if you are attempting to run even more (or faster) I just hope you're well prepared. ;)

    By Anonymous Bernd, at 10:12 PM  

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