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Monday, June 13, 2005

Bumbu Bali

Weekend was spent mostly lazing about. Enjoying the extended rest and catching up on my DVD viewing. Watched Constantine (so-so movie with bits of nifty effects) and half of Bruce Willis's Hostage, which was surprisingly gripping up to the point where my China made DVD player quit on me! I've got to get a replacement set. The present one, also China made, is a year old but at RM160 isn't expected to last very long. I'm eyeing yet another Oriental made one of RM130 from Giant which boasted strong error correction.

The 3 of us explored the eateries around Bandar Puteri Puchong. As it turned out, Bandar Puteri is home to some pretty happening spots! It's not congested and hawker-centre-at-every-corner concept as the older Puchong Jaya. And it's cleaner too.

I spotted only 2 hawker fare shops and clean ones at that, while the rest are cafe-bistro-restaurant types. There are a couple of Hong Kong food outlets and a seafood restaurant called Terminal 2. There's also a restaurant-pub which features a live band on weekends.

We settled on Bumbu Bali - a chic Balinese-Western restaurant. This place combines the eatery with decor concept and as the name suggests, it's all Balinese in concept, right down to the music. The food is uniquely Balinese and come in huge servings. Not expensive at all, with most dishes under RM20. Even the RM4.50 kid's fried rice is a huge serving! The side dishes are yummy and they serve plain water that's loaded with pandan leaves for that aromatic effect.

This site has a brief writeup on Bumbu Bali but unlike the author's remarks about the food being oily, the food we had yesterday weren't. Highly recommended!


  • Hey, Bandar Puteri Puchong... which part ah?

    Pianist David Gomes stays at Bandar Puteri as well.. Phase 8.

    I just went there two days ago, much better than when I first visited the David there over a year ago. Developed very fast lah.

    Well, hopefully transportation-wise, and traffic also can be helped, though.

    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 11:58 PM  

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