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Friday, June 17, 2005

Lam Phar lah!

With that, PM20 sent me on my way to my 3rd lap at KLCC yesterday evening. Earlier I had shouted out as I passed him that he will defnitely medal in bext week's Subang 10K. In case you're wondering, "Lam Phar" literally means "Balls". It was another boiling day yesterday and I found that I just couldn't repeat the 8 laps. The legs were OK but the entire body just felt heavy. Over 5 laps, I averaged 5:23 pace, which was an improvement over Wednesday's 5:53 pace.

It's definitely to do with rest - the lack of it. Since moving to the new place, we've had to leave the house at 7am. That meant waking up at 6:15am, which is 30 mins earlier than when we were staying at the old apartment. Nowadays we spend an hour in the car just to get to work - 20 mins to the nanny's place to drop Carbokid off, and the remaining time on the Sg Besi highway-Imbi-Conlay-Jalan Ampang stretch.

Today's weather looks just the same. The sun was already blazing at 7:30am as I drove to work. Since I'll be having some colleagues over to the house tomorrow, there are a couple of things I'd to do tonight. If I run, it'll be a short one - probably a 5 lap tempo. Then no running on Saturday and perhaps a 7K on Sunday evening around the housing area.

To all out there a Happy Father's Day this Sunday! To all racing this Sunday, Go For It! 


  • Happy Father's Day 2U too!

    I heard from my colleagues, who are also staying in Puchong areas, taking the LRT is better way to get in KL fast & less stress.

    See U.

    By Anonymous P11, at 9:53 AM  

  • Jamie:

    Happy father day to you too...!!


    By Blogger Tey, at 6:00 PM  

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