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Monday, June 20, 2005

Jinxed June: Carbo Man Lau Sai Pulak!

The month of June has been really bad for me. With one malaise after another. Just after recovering from the cough-flu-throat infection combo, I came down with diarrhea which I attributed to the cendol I had after lunch on Friday. My runs were like every 4 hours. I was totally wasted. Some colleagues came by on Saturday and I couldn't even be a good guest with all my weakness. Lunch was depressing - while the rest were tucking into some pretty good Chinese food, I was basically eating white rice with some vegitables, all washed down with warm 100Plus. The only good thing (yeah, I'm perpetually seeing silver linings) I see of this is that the diarrhea must've flushed out whatever toxins I had in my body - sort of like going through a detox program.

This coming Sunday's Subang Jaya race is turning out to be an outing of pain for me. I've completely no idea how I'll get through this event and it's looking to be the longest 10K race I'll ever run. I'm not the only one having a jinxed June. Justin despite fighting fever and flu, managed to achieve a podium finish for Sunday's 4x3K Road Relay. It was a fantastic achievement for a team not given much of a chance. Flanked by the indomitable Fong and Tan Song Hua (accomplished marathoners - marathoners rock!!) they found themselves engaged in dogged battle with the Pacesetters Team 'A' as well as other elites with positions exchanged frequently. In the end, Tan Song Hua dug deep in his reserves to anchor the team to a fantastic 3rd placing in the Men's Open category! Read more about the event here!


  • Wah,lucky I did not go the same shop for cendol last week.
    The hot weather is not doing any us runners any good except being able to train in the evening.

    By Blogger krunner, at 2:54 PM  

  • Hi ! Dr. Jamie,

    Wish u speedy recovery. Take good care and u should be ok for the Subang Jaya Run.

    See u then.

    By Anonymous Penguin 2, at 9:01 AM  

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