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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

PM20's Statement of Intent

In the PM1 Shoutbox this morning, PM20 aka Der_KNN Fella aka Psy-cho-sis made clear his intention to medal in next week's Subang Jaya 10K. I'm really excited about this, not because of the prospect of racing against him but curious as to how fast he really can run. You see, this particularly (but refreshingly) vulgar fella has been avoiding running fast in recent races by running slower than what others think he can. He's also been offering pacing services to others.

We've all seen how much speed Tey has turned on in the recent weeks. It's not that he's not a fast runner. On the contrary, with all his base work running marathons, ultras and mountain climbing, Tey's ability to last the pace should not be questioned. Perhaps the only weakness is the familiarity to pacing. It's to most people's believe that Tey has the ability to sustain sub 5 minute pace for distances up to 30K and close to a 5 minute pace for the marathon. So we'll be seeing more of Tey hammering good times in the coming months, if he stays fresh and injury free.

The same goes for PM20. Even though not possessing vast experience, all the track work had to count for something. Strength is definitely something he possesses and all the abstinence from going all out in the races only make him a dark horse in the coming race.

I'm not sure how I'll perform in the race. Hopefully the tune up I'll get over the next 1 week will be suffice to bring back some fire into my pace and endurance. It'll definitely be interesting!


  • Wei! wuts dis la. Dun la drag me into dis. I just want a medal for this run, hopefully. If don't get nemind wan, alwiz next year and the year after that. I chui kong lam pah song onli la. hahahaha

    By Blogger cyk0sis, at 3:14 PM  

  • aiya..jiat lat...hv to learn a lot the pacing skill and patient..paiseh...me not so good lah..happy target is achieve 10k <50m,21k<1:45m,42.195km<4h !!

    SJ10K for me ,just play2 lah,cause my interest is in full and ultra...don hope so much from me lah..make me kc oh...! hehehe

    By Blogger Tey, at 10:52 PM  

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