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Thursday, June 16, 2005

8 Lapper - KLCC Roasters

Steven, Rohaizad, Kenny, Kenneth, Ronnie, Julian were all at KLCC yesterday. This was a larger group than normal, even though we didn't run together. I suppose some of these fellas were tuning for this Sunday's road relay. Justin was conspicuously missing - found out this morning that he only ran later due to work. Li Sar didn't turn up possibly due to work too. There were also an increasing number of expats these days at the park.

Having started at 5:30pm, I bore the brunt of the blazing sun. I was saved only by a strong breeze throughout my run. Even so the going was tough. It's been awhile since I ran or tried running seriously. The last time, during the PAR Run ended disastrously. I was just glad I completed the 8 laps. Thankfully I ran the first 2 laps at 6:09 pace.

Will try to slot in another session this evening. BTW, Batman Begins seems to be getting good reviews. Click here to read one of them.


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