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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Comeback Run

After 3 long weeks of clocking 10K or less mileage, I took the first few tentative steps to regain the lost endurance, hopefully in time for the SJ10K in 2 weeks' time. I'd pen this event down as a key 10K and since this popular run was absent from the circuit last year and I'd done pretty well in the shorter races/time trials prior to my downtime, I've been looking forward to this one.

A few other things conspired to hike up the race anticipation:
1) Justin measured the race route and found it to be very close to 10K. A rarity for races in KL. The SJ10K is also considered his home run

2) A relatively flat route except for the slight incline in the final 1.5K

3) A challenging medal prospect. It's anticipated that to medal this race, one has to finish within 52 minutes

4) The recent coverage in the newspapers on the PM running group has brought some limelight to the sport, the group and KLCC in general.

My splits yesterday was pretty OK - around 28 minutes for a 4 lapper (5.2K). Looking for more mileage for the rest of the week.


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