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Friday, June 24, 2005

Jennifer Connelly is Hot (When She Doesn't Look Bulemic)

Bring on the SJ10K! I'm 80% recovered and am eager to have a decent go this Sunday even if I'm quite sure that it's tough to maintain a sub 5-min pace the entire race. Kenny and Justin both measured the course once again yesterday and found the course to be 10K (give or take a few yards)! If the manner of measurement is accurate, this will make the SJ10K one of the most distance-accurate course in the Klang Valley.

One of our running mates, Ajeep aka PM26 Der_Hamsap Fella, suffered a broken collarbone during his bike ride last night. I take the same road to and from work everyday and I can vouch that this stretch is a killer. Even driving a car gives me the shivers what more riding a lightweight bike with no protection of any kind. Cars regularly zoom and zip in and out of lanes at 100kph. He's lucky to have emerged with just a broken bone. For more info, check out Azwar's site.


  • carboman. jennifer connelly still looks heavenly if she's pale as... i dunno wat

    By Anonymous PM26 der ironman, at 10:11 PM  

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